“Orange Sky” by Artist Scott Sueme

A series of gorgeous new paintings by Vancouver artist , who has spent time reflecting on what it means to make work with everything going on in the world. “Free from old routines, a sense of play emerged that was inspired by everyday objects and revisited places. What was once ordinary revealed its inner spirit, giving way to new consideration of colour and form. In a year where all expectations were cast aside, these compositions provided a place for curiosity and optimism.” When you look at each composition you can’t help but feel like everything is in its right place.

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Scott Sueme – Planting Seeds 40×60 (2020)
Scott Sueme – Holding Hopeful Emptiness 30×24 (2020)
Scott Sueme – Stack 30×24 (2020)
Scott Sueme – Forage 30×24 (2020)
Scott Sueme – Mesh 20×16 (2020)
Scott Sueme – Hedge Clippings 40×60 (2020)
Scott Sueme – Libra Moon 48×40 (2020)
Scott Sueme – We Broke Open The Gemstone On The Patio 48×40 (2020)

“Orange Sky” paintings available for purchase .