2021 ITCD International Trendy Culture Design Competition

2020 ITCD International Trendy Culture Design Competition

The 2nd International Trendy Culture Design Competition 2021 is a contemporary trendy art and design competition organized by the American Art Communication Association (AACA) and in cooperation with the North American University Design Union (NAUD), aiming to provide a professional dimension of thinking for contemporary art development by understanding art and transforming it into trendy fashion design, and by driving new research of design through trendy culture. @com

Host Institution

① Hosted by

American Society for Artistic Communication (USA)

American Art Exchange Society (China)

American Society for Artistic Communication (New Zealand)

② Undertaker.

North American University Design Consortium (NAUD), Davidson College, Elon University, North Carolina State University

Official website.

Tournament theme

① Proposition class: trend symbol.

② Free category: No limitation on the theme, free play.

Submission Categories (Focus)

① Graphic visual category: including poster design, VI design, book design, mascot design, photography, font design, etc.

② Environment and landscape category: including environmental design, interior design, landscape design, architectural design, etc.

③ Industrial product category: including industrial design, product design, cultural and creative design, jewelry design, etc.

④ New media category: interaction design, short video, UI design, interface design, ICON design, etc.

Note: All submissions should be no less than 300 DPI, no less than A4 size, RGB color mode, MP4 video format, resolution no less than 1280×720 (horizontal), 720×1280 (vertical).

Award Setting (Highlights)

The event is divided into a global award and a regional award, with all entries in the preliminary round in China, and the US organizing committee conducting a rematch and final round.

① Global Awards

Gold Prize: 1 winner, US$3,000.00, certificate, trophy

Silver Prize: 4 winners, US$2,000.00, certificate, trophy

Bronze Prize: 10 winners, $800.00, certificate, trophy

Finalists: 10, $200.00, certificate, trophy

②Regional Awards

Gold Prize: 1 winner, prize money US$1,000.00, certificate, trophy

Silver Prize: 5 winners, $500.00, certificate

Bronze Award: 5 winners, $200.00, certificate

Excellent: several

Finalists: several

Tournament arrangement process (focus)

The tournament is divided into regional competitions as well as the global final stage.

Tournament Stage

Call for Papers: August 10~September 1, 2021, September 1~October 10, 2021

Award announcement: September 10, 2021, October 20, 2021

Entry fee.

Early Bird Period: August 10~September 1, 2021 $120 a piece

Regular period: September 1~October 10, 2021 $180 a piece

Final stage

Requirements for the final: Bronze and above in the divisional awards are submitted directly to the global final by the organizing committee without cost.

Award Announcement: November 25, 2021

Prize distribution: December 2021.

Submission Process

① Online registration. (U.S. Region) (New Zealand Region) (China Region)

② Work upload: Register after registration.

Contact Us

① E-mail contact: (please describe the problem in detail, once a day uniform response)

② Address:766 North Wilmington Street, Raleigh, NorthCarolina 2F-1058

③ Contact number:+1-(919)733-4636