The fifth EnvironmentalProtection Art Creation Contest

The fifth international environmental protection public welfare design competition is an international public welfare Design Competition sponsored by the state government of North Carolina, undertaken by the art exchange society of America and supported by the public welfare fund project of North Carolina.

At present, the fifth competition is held in the United States, New Zealand, and China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), covering millions of designers and environmentalists. In China’s competition area,, Sohu News and other media and website platforms in China and the United States reported the grand event of the competition simultaneously. The theme of the competition is distinct and the concept of environmental protection design is advocated. The competition unit involves visual communication design, industrial product design, environmental art design, and emphasizes new creative methods such as material reorganization and environmental protection.

This year, the award ceremony was cancelled due to the epidemic situation.



Organizers: state government of North Carolina, American Art Exchange Association

Official website:

New Zealand


Competition theme

The competition is a free theme, and only three design units are open for the competition

1. Visual communication design (including graphic design)

[ Packaging design ]

UI Design

Logo design

Mascot design

Album design

Poster design

H5 design

Animation and video

[ Industrial product design (including product design) ]

[ Environmental art design (including Landscape Architecture Design) ]

Award setting

The competition is divided into five stages of awards, including silver (10%), bronze (15%) and excellence (20%) according to the number of participants and the quality of the work, the number is not fixed.

[global finals]

Gold Award  2 winners, award $8000, trophy.

Silver Award  2 winners, award $6000, trophy.

Bronze Award 4 winners, award $4000, trophy.


[US division]

Gold Award, 2 winners,$2000, trophies and qualification for the global finals

Silver Award, 6% winners,

Bronze Award, 10% winners

Entry rules

1. Please send your work to

2. Please download the registration form, click here to download.

Time node

End Submission on January 5, 2021

The winners will be announced on February 15, 2021

World finals on March 10, 2021

Global finals announced on March 25, 2021( Query)

Entry fee

A uniform charge of $120 for a piece of work

Contact information

Please email  or  + 1 – (919) 733-4636