[ Winners List ] 2021 ITCD International Trendy Culture Design Competition

Winners of the global finals


Edward Foster   – Yesterday’s blue sky  (US)

Edmund Bessemer   –  Job classification processor (US)

于佳琪 – 环影空间设计 (CHINA)

黎旭东 黄幽 – 里火道文创设计(CHINA)


Nina Elsie   –   In the mountains  (US)

Gladys Dorothy   –   Harmony  (US)

Les Rebecca    –    Plastic Ocean  (US)

Colby Dewar    –    Picture screen  (US)

Ada Henrietta    –    Ginkgo leaf porcelain basin  (US)

Sophia Owen    –    Unspeakable  (US)

Fanny Mark    –    Hidden fun  (US)

Salome Taylor    –    Summer  (US)

장재중(张在中)    –    Several · Dry – Conceptual Design of Ocean Museum  (US)

Thera Tony    –    Hidden kindness  (US)

占濡霈 卜恬静    –    民用除尘器 (CHINA)

斋祺    –    滋润好生活海报设计 (CHINA)

邱明轩 毓柯言    –    金吉·吉祥 (CHINA)

储红胜 毕艳敏 林杰    –    储秀烧坊酒包装设计 (CHINA)

都春明    –    舞动的童年 (CHINA)

邱高峰 郑子文    –    Childhood Memory (CHINA)

恭娜    –    ROUND (CHINA)

松佳杰    –    人生每度 (CHINA)

延金静    –    雷琴一号——陈设设计 (CHINA)

佟春    –    古乐文化乐园景观设计 (CHINA)


Levi Morris – Guard – candlestick
Phil Hardy – “Sending Seats” Japanese Material Vi Design
Myrna Warner – Harness the light
Marjorie Harvey – Fabric fatigue people
Jay Antoinette – Simple collision – wind to thin bamboo
Francis Sheridan – Shadow wall
Fay – Bamboo deep rice sea
Renee Connie – Shanxi University Historical Campus Upgrading Plan
Cornell Willard – “Phoenix Dance National Music”
Shirley Faraday – “Lion Dance National Rhyme”
Diana Barney – The Story of the Silk Road
Sabrina Burke – Green Station
Borg Foster – Sumo Wrestler – Visualization Design of Ancient Sumo Sports Information
Jane O’Neil – “Little Bud Character Image Design”
Baron Fielding – “Facebook Phone Case Design”
Marcus Carnegie – Under confinement
Hayden Benson – Empty watch
Sandy Edison – “Processing plant.”
Page Lloyd – Breathing symbiosis
Yetta Aled(k) – Epidemic
Odelia Ernest – Illustrated novel coronavirus
Walker Law – Hide
Herman Edie – Yonghe New Year Packaging Design
Hannah Childe – Filament stripping
Augus Sinclair – Travel Hanger
Olive Sophy – Father’s Day Poster
Dunn Brooke – Women’s Day Poster
Bowen Wallis – Don’t have a “hole” sky
Gene Pepys – East Lake Children’s Development Center
Penelope Petty – Leisurely “residence”
Bill George – WHALE Concept Car
Arlene Carpenter – Blade man multi-purpose combine harvester
Daphne Pater – Multi-purpose concept tractor
Les Hugh – “Change Revolution”
Caroline Harold – This is not a image
Rita Perkin – Extortion letter
Mamie Kennan – Design of illustrations in Sodergarten’s poetry collection
Michaelia Robert – Small and big
Elizabeth Piers – Eye spectrum
Bennett Titus – View
Hiram Victor – Dawn epidemic theme space
Natividad Eugene – Ocean crystal lamp
Ogden Bentham – Automatic hand sanitizer
Michael Marshall – Automatic disinfection gate
Merry Dolly – Flying glasses
Stephanie Christie – Don’t Let Your Life Speed Up
Mabel Jefferson – “Pet Store Triple Folding Design”
Oscar Dickens – Design of assisted travel equipment for visually impaired people
Eli Ted – Tribute to Retrograde
Victoria Harrington – “Chinese Shadow Play”
Cash Montgomery – Reminder alarm clock
Harvey Bertram – Sterilizing Dron
Aurora Rhys – The Joy
Martin Amelia – The Disgusting
Yves Giles – “Worry”
Cathy Wollaston – Technology for the future
Ophelia Cotton – Anti-epidemic poster
Gregary Theresa – Miooo
Morgan Adelaide – Death As Life
Geraldine Nell – Tour
Modesty Roland – Rupture
Neil Daniell – “Food” is divided into peace
Ingemar Bernard – WUHAN
Sampson Watt – “Art Play”
Crystal Felix – Dimensional world
Ronald Blake – The Age of the Great Pirates – Themed Restaurant
Lorraine Cecillia – Whale fall
Lilith Gresham – Multifunctional lamps
Teresa Keats – Cartoon bottle
Myron Brewster – Sleigh rocking chair
Derrick Burns – Hidden warm ice
Joan Scripps – Desire for money
Maxine Augustus – Can’t you see them?
Molly Spender – Magical instrument
Viola Macaulay – Chayan Mountain House
Haley Dora – Dialogue with Nature – New York University Landscape Planning and Design
Daisy Mackintosh – Return from Prosperity Hidden in the Garden – Landscape Planning and Design of Leisure Manor
Nicholas Eliot – Looking for a Visible Place through the Eye of Time – Campus Landscape Planning and Design
Jared Minnie – Impression Gallery
Bernard Josh – Kevlar-20 explosion-proof helmet
Barlow Faulkner – Shout
Enoch Gunther – WISDOM FLUENT
Riva Gabriel – Leave
Perry Ralph – Ceremony

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