2020ITCD Award

2020ITCD Award International Fashion and cultural design competition is a contemporary fashion and cultural design competition hosted by AACA American art exchange society, organized by popartcn, Qinhuangdao Pop Art Center, and directed by Naud. It aims to transform art understanding into fashion design, drive new research of design through fashion culture, and develop contemporary art The exhibition provides a professional thinking dimension.


① Organizer:

AACA American AC Association 、NAUD

Guiding agency:

Naud, Davidson College, Elon University, North Carolina State University, Hebei creative design alliance, Hebei Culture Publishing Group

Official website:

Http:// (US)

>Event theme

① Proposition: Art and trend.

② Freedom: unlimited theme, free play.

>Contribution classification (key points)

① Plane vision: including poster design, VI design, book design, mascot design, photography, font design, etc.

② Environmental landscape: including environmental design, interior design, landscape design, architectural design, etc.

③ Industrial products: including industrial design, product design, cultural and creative design, jewelry design, etc.

④ New media: interactive design, short video, UI design, interface design, icon design, etc.

Note: DPI of all submitted works shall be no less than 300, size shall be no less than A4, and color mode shall be RGB. The video format is MP4, the resolution is not less than 1280×720 (horizontal version) and 720×1280 (vertical version).

>Award setting (key)

The competition is divided into global awards and competition area awards. All works are in the preliminary competition in China, and the U.S. organizing committee will hold the semi-finals and finals.

① Global Award (final)

Gold medal: 1, USD 3000.00, certificate, trophy

Silver: 4, USD 2000.00, certificate, trophy

Bronze medal: 10, USD 800.00, certificate, trophy

Shortlisted: 10, bonus USD 200.00, certificate, trophy

② US division Award (rematch)

1 gold medal, USD 300.00, certificate

Number of silver awards, top 3 awards USD 200.00

Bronze medal



③ US division finalists (Preliminary)

Excellent shortlisted works: several, electronic certificate

Qualification certificate: several, electronic certificate

>Event arrangement process (key)

The event is divided into preliminary, semi-final and global final stages.

① Preliminary stage

Draft time: April 30 ~ June 30

Award announcement: July 5

Review Committee: US division review team

Entry fee: Free

Prize: shortlisted electronic certificate

After winning the preliminary competition, you can voluntarily apply to continue to enter the semi competition stage to participate in the US competition area award.


② Rematch stage

Application time of the second round: July 5 ~ July 15. Fine adjustment can be made to the works at the same time of application.

Review time: July 17 ~ July 25

Award announcement: July 25

Certificate mailing: July 31

Review Committee: Joint Review Committee of the American Society for the exchange of Arts / North American University Design Alliance

Submission fee: payment of submission fee

·Single work: USD 100.00/work.

Payment method: PayPal

Award winning: by default, the minimum award in the final round is the Finalist Award. If the finalist wins the award in the final round, you can apply for a refund of the dues for the work and still get the paper certificate of the work.

Award: Paper Award certificate of us competition area


③ Global finals

Review time: August 15

Evaluation object: Silver Award and above works of each sub competition area will be directly evaluated free of charge.

Reviewed by: Joint Review Committee of American Academy of art exchange / North American University Design Alliance / Pop Art Center (China) / AUCKLAND creative vision Association (China) / Visual Design Association of Nanyang University of Technology

Award announcement: September 15

Award ceremony: September 20 (Provisional)

The organizing committee is responsible for the cost of air tickets and hotel accommodation to and from North Carolina to participate in the award ceremony.

>Submission process

① Online registration:

② Works upload: directly upload works on the online application page.

>Contact us

① Email:

② Tel:+1-(919)733-4636