American art and communication association (AACA), is a design in order to promote communication, discovery and development of the global outstanding designers and design organizations for the purpose of non-profit academic groups, from north Carolina state government approved the establishment in 2013, and entrusted by the government to undertake academic research work of art, in addition to the headquarters of the United States and New Zealand, and the Chinese society.

There are more than 300 members in the society, including 223 university professors and senior designers, 16 resident scholars and 6 standing judges


The purpose of the institute is to promote design innovation industry, integrate industrial resources, and provide display and opportunity platform. Cooperate with media resources to build a three-dimensional communication system to improve the competitiveness of all design and creative design groups in domestic and international markets; Promote and praise outstanding designers and figures, and spread the professional status, popularity and influence of graphic designers to the society; To promote the cooperation between enterprises and universities in the fields of industry, education and research; Promote the public interest in graphic design industry, improve the public’s aesthetic ability, apply graphic design to create value for the public and the society, abide by the constitution, laws, regulations and national policies, abide by the social morality, and accept the guidance and supervision of the competent authorities of the government of north Carolina in accordance with the law