What We

Art Construction

Strategic planning

Art Exchange

Culture and art is a product of communication. The association has been committed to art dissemination and exchange on a global scale to achieve the purpose of common improvement

Art Activities

In the process of technological development and innovation, the association will organize some activities such as art competitions and art exhibitions, so that art can be better developed in the market through art activities

Art Technology

Art and technology are the future development trends. Through the integration of art and technology, more possibilities of art can be explored. This is also the focus of the association in 2023

Digital Experience

Platform integration


Through digital analysis, the digitization of works of art and the digitization of artistic heritage are the main research directions of our association


The digital representation of virtual reality is an ongoing project of our association, which unfolds virtual reality through digital planarization, so that people without equipment can experience the scientific and technological achievements of virtual reality.

Portfolio Architecture

Portfolio investment in works of art, so that your works of art can be better transformed into results in addition to display